9 Muses / 9 Musas


Come in, come in, you’re just in time.  Have a look around.
There are a couple of muses in here already.
And more on the way.  Please enjoy your stay.
This is where you can see visual art associated with the project.  Occasionally there is live art, too, and when there’s live art, we have a show in a gallery.  There are more of those coming, so if you visit here often enough, you’ll know when those are happening.
You can also become a fan here, and keep up with us that way (and when you are there we will remind you to come back over here):

Oh wait.
A few words to explain everything.
We should have started with this, but it’s too late now.

This is a shiny new shiny thing, for a shiny new year, or shiny new half-way through the year, depending on what map and calendar you are using; here is where everything is shiny, so much shinier than it was the year before this one.  This site is what happens to timb.org when it gets a year or so older and shinier.  This site starts with a few images and words on a project that happens all year called 9 Muses/9 Muses.

This is a project where artists from all over the world develop new pieces of work devoted to one of the nine muses.  There is a muse each month, except there are only nine muses, and twelve months, so that means that three months we will be on a break.  It’s very civilized to have three months off every year, and we think you would agree.

And there’s even a blog for this, there’s so much going on, it’s very exciting.  We’re very excited.  The blog is right here:
But there’s not so much happening there right now, it’s all happening right here, where you are, because we are so happy to see you here that we decided to put beautiful and puzzling and challenging things for you to look at.
This is all so very tricky....

For more information than that even, please write danowski@9muses.org    


This is shiny and new.